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These are sometimes called multiwall polycarbonate sheets. The 35mm range remain lightweight still with higher impact resistance than its smaller counterparts.

  • High levels of natural light
  • Soft diffused lighting effects
  • Light weight and easy to handle
  • Thermally insulating
  • This range also have a u-value of 1.4w/m2k which is very impressive.
  • Damage and impact resistance
  • 35mm polycarbonate sheets have the widest range of finishes available, you can have yours in either Clear, Bronze, Opal, Bronze Opal and Heatguard Opal.
  • These polycarbonate sheets are mostly self-cleaning
  • Ten year warranty.
  • Suitable applications include porches, conservatories, canopies, car ports, lean to roofs, sheds and many more.


Switching from a plastic roof to a glass conservatory roof one can transform your conservatory in more ways than one.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency for greater comfort and lower heating bills
  • Less noise when it rains for a more relaxing and peaceful environment
  • Revolutionary self-cleaning glass for a more practical and attractive finish
  • Available with solar control for greater comfort during summer months
  • A simple and affordable way to enhance the look and value of your home
  • Creates a brighter environment with natural light, compared to polycarbonate roofs or indeed tiled conservatory roofs with or without skylights.
  • Helps bring the “outside in”, creating a light filled room that can be used all year round.
  • A glass conservatory roof helps to create an illusion of additional space over and above a polycarbonate roof or tiled conservatory roof.


The warm roof and the Guardian tiled roof are both a revolutionary step forward in home improvement and there are many compelling reasons to replace your existing conservatory roof.

A key aspect is the enhanced thermal qualities enjoyed with a conservatory roof replacement, the Guardian insulated roof converts your conservatory into an ambient space that can be used daily, all year round. The new room will be cool in the hot summer months and warm throughout the harsh winter.

  • Full LABC and LABSS approval
  • Achieves an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K
  • Structurally sound conservatory, carrying full engineers report
  • Conservatory Roof conversion in just a few days
  • Visually spectacular conservatory with sleek trims and cappings
  • Contributes to improved SAP calculations
  • An extensive range of conservatory roof tile finishes and colours
  • Conservatory roof windows available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Perfect for any size and type of conservatory including:
  • Edwardian
  • Victorian
  • P-Shape
  • Lean-To Conservatories
  • Perfect for new-build or replacement conservatory roofs
  • Conservatory roof Pitches as low as 15 degrees
  • A patented, guaranteed product


Small Residential Flat Roofing applications require a specific roofing installation system.

That’s why we designed Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing.

  • The system is based on high performing EPDM rubber membranes and a limited range of accessories offering a watertight and durable roofing solution.
  • Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing System is the ideal solution for small residential flat roofsand other extensions, verandas, dormers, porches, garages, carports, garden sheds, balconies, gutters and trailers. You name it.
  • Thanks to a unique combination of features and benefits, Firestone RubberCover is your first choice for smaller EPDM roofing projects.

We offer you an EPDM rubber roofing with unique properties:

  • Superior durability
  • Seamless sheets in 1 piece
  • Very low life-cycle cost
  • Flame-free and easy installation
  • High flexibility and elongation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recovery of rainwater


Galvanised steel is produced by 'hot-dipping' steel into a bath of molten zinc.

This process has replaced the traditional method of applying a tin coating to the steel base material. The zinc coating helps to prevent rusting the base material. Galvanised steel cladding sheets have been used for over 100 years.

  • The galvanising process leaves a natural 'spangle' on the surface of the sheets and will be quite shiny when new. It is worth noting that galvanised steel will weather over time and become duller. Also galvanised steel can vary in finish and we highly recommend taking a polyester paint or PVC Plastisol coated sheet if colour is an issue.
  • As long as the material is fitted and treated properly then it can last a number of years, however the material is very susceptible to corrosion especially the steel underneath the zinc coating.
  • Galvanised steel sheets can sometimes be confused with stainless steel, however it is important to note these are different products.

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